TwoNav Anima Handheld GPS – Great Britain OS 1:50000


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TwoNav Anima, everything you need in a GPS

With its modern design, the TwoNav Anima reinvents sports navigation, adapting to any outdoor experience: hiking, geocaching, cycle touring, road cycling and even reliable car navigation with voice guidance.

Long life for TwoNav Anima
The TwoNav Anima has a battery life of up to 12 hours with its replaceable 1.450 mAh lithium-ion battery. A revolutionary new ‘Survival’ function allows you to prolong its use up to 22 h in the event of an emergency. If you find this is not enough, you can use the TwoNav Anima with conventional batteries thanks a practical AA battery accessory, so that you never again need to worry about the battery life of your device

Maximum accuracy and safety
The TwoNav Anima is equipped with the latest technology available, including a high-quality UBLOX Max-7Q chipset for accurate and instantaneous positioning throughout your trip.

Tough high-visibility screen
The TwoNav Anima’s versatile, water-resistant and lightning fast touch-screen interface allows you to enjoy accurate navigation even in direct sunlight, with a clear view of your maps and your route.

Practical external buttons
Another highlight are the 4 easy-to-access glove friendly external buttons. These buttons give you complete control of the device’s main functions without the need to use the touch screen.

Quality mapping
The TwoNav Anima includes Great Britain (excluding N.Ireland) Ordinance Survey 1:50000 Mapping. These maps are updated regularly and include detailed information such as contour lines, paths (from highways to roads), points of interest, towns, cities, parks…
In addition, as always, TwoNav offers you the best topographic maps so that you can have the most detailed and useful information on your trips in the mountains. Choose your area and download the maps from the world’s top cartographic institutes for free.

Visual information
Three lights (red, green and yellow) tell you the status of your device at all times. Check the state of your battery, whether the device is in standby mode and whether there are any programmed alarms at a glance:

  • A flashing red light with audio signal when there is an alarm.
  • A yellow light when the battery is charging, turning green when it is fully charged.
  • A flashing green light when the device is blocked but not yet switched off – a useful visual reminder NOT to forget to switch off the GPS device.

New secure bike mounting system
In the palm of your hand or securely mounted on your bike, the new TwoNav Anima can help you to discover the most beautiful places in your natural surroundings. For some years now, many mountain bike users have relied on TwoNav because of its tough and reliable bike bracket. Now along with a compact up to date design, the TwoNav Anima features a new mounting bracket for better integration and security, making it an even better option for both MTB and road bike enthusiasts.

Safe driving with voice navigation
Enjoy safer driving in your car with audio instructions via the speaker fitted in the new TwoNav Anima. Use TomTom maps to turn the TwoNav Anima into a true road GPS device providing turn-by-turn instructions, points of interest and radar location.