Solar Technology 60w Rigid Solar Panel Kit Standard


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The 60 Watt Solar Rooftop Kit is ideal for use on small / medium sized caravans and motor homes where power consumption is mainly limited to running the interior lights and water pump and / or use will only be during Spring, Summer and Autumn.


  • High efficiency crystalline cell for “all weather” charging
  • Perfect for TV operation, 240v appliances* and for permanent fitting
  • Water resistant, robust construction for outdoor use.
  • 20 year cell warranty and 10 year module warranty**

In the Box

1 x STP060 – 60wp solar panel, 1 x STCC10 – 10Ah charge controller, 1 x 4m Cable Bundle, 1 x FKA08 – Standard Fitting Kit, 1 x STMP006 – Cable Feed Gland, 1 x Tube Bonding Agent, 1 x Pack fuses, ring terminals etc, 1 x Fitting Instructions