Boat Buddy Interior Cleaner and Deodouriser – 1 Litre


Concentrated Citrus Cleaner for all interior use

  • (Previously Bilge Cleaner and Deodouriser)
  • Breaks down and dissolves oil, grease, diesel and dirt and grime in bilges.
  • Cleans engine bays, lockers, galleys and heads and all interior surfaces.
  • Deodourises and leaves pleasant citrus fragrance
  • Self cleans with the motion of the boat if left in the bilge.
  • Highly concentrated, 1 litre of product makes 50 litres of bilge cleaner
  • Environmentally Responsible and Biodegradable
  • Caustic, bleach and acid free
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Boat Buddy brings you the products, system and secrets of boat care previously used by the professional boat cleaners and valeting companies.

Environmentally responsible, biodegradable and contains NO harsh caustics, bleachers oxalic, muriatic or hydrochloric acids.