Fladen Rescue System – Black and Yellow Scandia Flotation Jacket – 846XY




FLADEN RESCUE SYSTEM – Black and Yellow SCANDIA Flotation Jacket – Marine Buoyancy and Thermal Protection – ISO 12402-5 Certified

  • The suit features reflective tape for night safety and High Visibility colours – Extremely light for the protection provided
  • Features: SOLAS reflective tape, stitched in belt, seals against water entry, CE 394 whistle and has a insulated hood and collar
  • ISO 12402-5 certified as a Flotation Jacket (EN 393) – (with matching bib & brace forms a certified Flotation Suit) available in sizes from XX-Small to XX-Large


This flotation jacket will keep you buoyant and retain warmth, and when combined with the bib and brace, gives superb resistance against the elements. The jacket is manufactured from a strong, lightweight material. The key features of this jacket are SOLAS reflective tape, CE 394 whistle, stitched in belt, seals against water entry and has an insulated hood and collar. ISO 12402-5 certified as Flotation Jacket (EN 393).

This jacket is part of a two piece model of the 845 One Piece Flotation Suit . The jacket contains enough buoyancy to be used separately as a flotation device.

EN393-certified as Flotation Jacket.

There are 2 options for the Bib and Brace Trousers.

22-847B – EN393-certified as two pieceFlotation Suit together with Flotation Jacket 846BG

22-857B – Flotation Bib Trousers ISO 12402-6 works alone as a flotation garment.

Both the Jacket and the trousers should be worn together – if you only wear the trousers your legs will float but your chest and head will not, and you could end upside down in the water, potentially drowning. Our new flotation gear is designed to elevate the top half of your body while supporting your lower half.