Digital Yacht WLN20 AQUAWEAR Server c/w Wrist case





A wireless data gateway to connect smart phones and tablets system and introduces wearable navigation to the marine market with its stylish wrist case.

The WLN20 is a wireless NMEA data server with two channel input. Stream real time NMEA information from your instrument, GPS and AIS systems to iPhones, smartphones, tablets and PCs. It ships with an AquaWear wrist case enabling next generation wearable navigation. Pop your smartphone into the supplied wrist case and start wearing your nav data on your sleeve. You’ll benefit from using your accurate boat data and improve battery life on your smartphone as you’ll not be reliant on its GPS and it will work below decks.

It’s intuitive, easy and moves with you and of course allows you to choose from 1000’s apps to suit your app! Digital Yacht have a range of compatible apps including NavLink and iAIS for iOS and AISView for Android. What’s more it’s interfaced using open NMEA 0183 standards so will work with any popular marine electronics system. Even legacy systems can connect bringing the latest apps to older systems.

It supports multiple devices and operating systems allowing all your crew to be connected. You can even stream data to a tablet,Android, iPad or PC/MAC below decks. No connection to the internet is required as the WLN20 creates a local wifi hotspot on board your boat. Simply search for the AquaWear wifi network on your device and connect and allow streaming boat NMEA data to be utilised by your device. The wireless network will typically footprint a GRP boat up to 25m in length. For large wooden and steel vessels please contact us and we can advise on installation techniques to ensure adequate coverage


  • Wireless data server for NMEA based systems
  • Dual 4800/38400 baud NMEA 0183 inputs
  • NMEA output from bi directional wireless interface supports more app features
  • Compatible with 1000s apps
  • AquaWear Alliance SDK available for new app developers
  • Support for up to 7 connected devices (UDP)
  • Waterproof, compact and tough
  • Ships with AquaWear wrist case – also available as an accessory
  • 12/24v low power operation
  • Compatible with 1000s apps for iOS, Android, MAC and PC

In the Box

WLN20 Wireless Data Server, Wrist case for 4-5” phones and 0.75m power/data cable