Digital Yacht 4G Connect 2G/3G/4G Gateway




4G Connect is a new 2G/3G/4G (LTE) internet access solution for use afloat. It utilises the latest MIMO technology with dual antennas for fast, long range access and incorporates a full function wifi router so multiple devices can connect wirelessly. There is also a wired LAN port and WAN port – for connection to high power wifi devices or satellite modems.

4G Connect is available in two variants – The Standard model has built in antennas which will provide good performance when in port. The Pro model ships with two external hi gain antennas for exceptional long range performance and is the recommended solution for use afloat.

4G Connect has an easy to use interface and ships with a built in, low cost Vodafone roaming SIM. It is SIM unlocked so users are free to use any cellular provider they choose but the Vodafone solution offers the best maritime performance in Europe.

Operation is simple – turn on, connect to the password protected wifi hotspot that 4G Connect creates and your device is online. Digital Yacht’s WL510 hi power wifi solution can also be connected to the WAN port for a choice between wifi and 4G connectivity. iKommunicate can also connect to the LAN port providing boat NMEA data on the wifi network for use with navigation apps.


  • Hi performance 4G/LTE modem for exceptional speed and range with fall back to 2G/3G
  • Supplied and configured with Vodafone SIM for UK customers but SIM unlocked for any network provider
  • MIMO technology with dual LTE antennas on both Standard and Pro models
  • Built in wifi router with support for up to 200 connected devices
  • Ethernet LAN port for wired networks and on board interfacing with iKommunicate
  • Ethernet WAN port for connection to satellite or hi power wifi systems
  • 12V DC operation with <5W power consumption
  • Standard model had internal antenna solution