Boat Buddy Gelcoat Stain Remover – 1 Litre


“Gelcoat Stain Remover”

Gel for removing ingrained dirt and staining

  • Removes yellow/brown waterline stains, rust stains, bird lime, lime scale and other ingrained dirt and staining from gelcoat and painted surfaces.
  • Gel formula for easy application to vertical surfaces.
  • Magically absorbs stains
  • Simply paint on – leave for 30 – 60 minutes and rinse!!  NO hard rubbing or scrubbing
  • Contains NO harsh caustics, bleaches, oxalic, muratic or hydrochloric acids
  • Environmentally Responsible and Biodegradable
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Boat Buddy brings you the products, system and secrets of boat care previously used by the professional boat cleaners and valeting companies.
Environmentally responsible, biodegradable and contains NO harsh caustics, bleachers oxalic, muriatic or hydrochloric acids.