Avtex Nextbase Battery Pack SDV37A


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Suitable for: Nextbase In Car Cameras 101Go, 202 Lite, 302G, 402G, 512G & Duo.

Nextbase SDV Players, Nextbase Click & Go DVD Players, Nextbase Car Series DVD Players.

Voyager Portable DVD Players.

The battery pack has a USB socket and a 12V cigarette lighter socket therefore enabling numerous devices to be charged including mobiles, tablets, iPad’s etc.

The Nextbase external battery pack will provide power for your Nextbase iN Car Camera or Portable DVD player. The key difference between this powerbank and any other is the ability to power products via the inbuilt 12v cigarette lighter socket. .

With a Nextbase portable DVD player you can expect up to 6 hours playback from the external battery pack, or up to 4 hours with an iN CAR CAMERA. Mobiles, tablets and other devices can also be charged multiple times using the USB socket. .

The power bank is easily recharged by your car as you drive and ensures you have power backup at all times. An optional mains power adapter is also available to charge the battery pack at home. .